It’s been awhile, but I’m back

I may not always be online to post to you on your blog… but that doesnt mean Im not still recording!! Ive been journaling the entire last month. Im creating you a In the Life of album! I was inspired by the super talented Ali Edwards.  Ill be doing some of my own alterations to the project of course, gotta put my own twist on things. Ill tell you more about that later… Im trying to play catchup here!!

In the last month we’ve mastered many things, captured amazing moments, spent many nights and days of laughter, cries, screams, smiles, frowns, and conversations! I have enjoyed every second of it. Your now almost officially 2 months old!! I cant believe where all the time has gone. Ive been so busy catching all the moments I rarely find time to get online anymore. I promise you’ll see many post to come, awesome links, amazing projects, and of course the week journaling!! its all to come but I want to keep this as organized in categories as possible, so it will come it multiple posts! lol we don’t want mommy’s ocd to kick in right??

I have to post a photo right!! here it comes baby! I love  you

xoxo Mommy


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