My alternative to p365!!

Since I’m entire unable to do a project 365 (take 1 photo everyday) I have an alternative that I’m working on until I hopefully have it all ready by January
I will continue-
 Project Em– Its all the multiple blog posts that I do. This blog and all its multiple randomness.
Project Life- That will be a 12×12 Collective Layout book I’ll create over the entire year. It will be bounded and produced by a company such as shutterfly.
then we have my entire alternative to p365… I haven’t chose a name yet…
PROJECT ? <— I have some time to decide lol
anyways it will be a combination of
and it will all be bounded in an Altered Art Journal Album Inspired by 
Her journals rock!!
It will be a combination of Digital/Traditional/Hybrid!!! 
I can’t wait to share more with you… things are coming together nicely. I’ll keep an update as I go to share with you… I hope to have the majority of things together by January. I will keep collecting items over the year tho. 

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