I have some of that great motherly advice that I received from some great people!!
and I need to REMEMBER that
sometimes I feel like I want to capture everything and I want to be perfect at everything that I do in my life. So I asked some fellow scrapbooking friends how they manage and do everything because I simply haven’t been able to do it.
My Question-

okay so I’ve completely overwhelmed myself i think 

With the new year ending and the birth of my daughter and the fact I’m a sahm I keep seeing projects that I want to do. That I’m getting to the point that I can’t prioritize them…. 


i see so many that do multiple cts, create tons of projects, work through all the forums, and do project 365, run blogs, ect……

I need some major organization tips please!!!

my blog states it all!!! I have this huge list of things I want to do for the new year, but I keep overwhelming myself to make sure I get everything done that I want.

I want to do a daily journal
do project love me 
do project life/project 52/or project 365
do the log your memory challenges
do the one word from Ali Edwards
im creating an altered album
I want to create a 12×12 layout story book
i want to be on creative teams
do the portfolios or as many challenges as I can
I want to keep up Project Em Blog…………….

I feel like I can’t do all that with a 3 month old and keep house work up and work 2 days part time……… so many of you do way more than this!!!! you are just more organized than me lol

I got a lot of super helpful responses, so I thought I would share some and help you and me always to remember that we aren’t super women… 

Not a mom, but I wanted to chime in.

You. Can’t. Do. It. All. No one can. I have no kids, and I still don’t get everything that I want to get done. Everyone you see doing stuff that you wish you could do, is letting something else slide that you can’t see. As women, we always want to do 83902895043 things, and naturally all of them have to be perfect too. We want to be perfect moms, perfect wives, have a perfect house, etc etc etc. It’s unrealistic, and it tends to give us low self esteem issues because we think we’re failures. But in reality, the only person we’re failing is ourselves by setting up so many unreachable goals.

You have to set realistic goals. Of those things, what is the MOST important one that you want to have done. Prioritize that list. Work on the important things first, and if you have time and it isn’t going to make you crazy, then work on something lower on the list. Look at your life and your responsibilities as a whole. Yes it would be awesome to do everything on that list, but then your house will be an absolute mess and you’d be living out of take out and fast food containers. Everything in life has a trade off, you just have to decide what makes the “worth my time” cut, and what doesn’t.

by collen 🙂


 Honestly – there is no way you can do it ALL. I’d pick a few things that are most important to you off that list and let the rest go. Maybe 2 or 3 things at the very most, otherwise you will feel stressed and completely overwhelmed.

Looking at your list, you can probably combine a couple of your items, such as a daily journal and P365. The CT’s I would limit to 1, maybe 2 CT’s at the most.

Honestly, looking back at my now 3 year old, I wish I had just taken a break and spent more time with her. Kids literally grow SO fast. It’s incredible. Last week she was a tiny bundle, and now she is 3 years old! You won’t look back in 5 years when she is starting kindergarten and think “Wow, I really regret not doing P365, having a word of the year, being on CT’s, and spending enormous amounts of my time on the computer, feeling stressed, pulled in 1000 directions!”. Nope. If you try to do too many things, they are all things that you will regret DOING, not NOT DOING, kwim?

Take time to enjoy you’re baby. Mark down milestones (perfect time for the daily journal AND P365), and enjoy her. When your life isn’t so full, take the time to SLOWLY branch into a new project. Jumping in with both feet will gaurantee you to drown.

by Jaedyn

the entire post is here at an awesome community of women called
Sweet Shoppe 🙂 


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