Journal entry- 12/30/10

Journal Entry – 12/30/10
The last couple of days you’ve had many things going on. Yesterday we took you to the doctor to find out why you were sick. Unfortunately I’m having problems with your normal doctor and clinic… So you are going to a new one with a better doctor and staff. They helped us out tons… tho of course you are still sick today. Your new pediatrician will be the awesome Dr. James Liesen. He seen you in the well baby nursery when you were born. During your visit they checked your weight, you are 12 lbs now!

Yesterday your Aunt Sam and Aunt Tay came to visit too. They love to come and visit and you were super entertained! Your new thing tho is to entertain all of us!! you are so 

alert and wide awake 
you already hold your head up
you  life your entire torso with your arms
you say ahh, goo, ya, k, and other assortment of vowels and consonants
you smile very big and laugh out loud
you roll from belly to back occasionally
you are a supported sitter
you focus very very well on everyone you see
tho still a mama and dada girl!!
there are more its just all I can think of right now… I’ll do your three month checklists on the 6th! thats right Jan. 6th you’ll be 3 months old o_O
but yes you just love to entertain us in all the ways listed above. We all spent the night together hanging out and playing card games like phase 10, while you sat on laps and played, and daddy played Call of Duty- Black Ops
Be honest right now daddy hates games like board games and card games… we will see what games you get him to play soon 😉
then today your Grandpa Ronnie came up to visit you! he brought you a super cute dumbo elephant that plays music. It also has big floppy ears we can play peek-a-boo with. all the rest of us kids got money! Trust me one day you’ll want that!! oh gosh I can’t wait… I’ll need a couple jobs. hahaha.
You stayed home with daddy and napped more since you were still sick with your little stomach bug and the rest of us went to the mall to do some shopping! I took myself to the amazingly awesome store that no one else will go to me with like daddy for instance I went to Sephora!! I had to pick me up some bare essentials foundation. Its one of the best kinds out there I can find… but you do drop a pretty penny on it. 
for a nice 25 buckaroos
after that we headed back home so daddy could go a do his 5-10 shift at work. We spent the night relaxing and playing like usual. I’m attempting to start a late night routine for you, so I began that tonight and you loved it!
we took a 30 min nap, ate, diaper change, bath, massage, swaddle, storytime, bedtime!
and you did another first tonight… it was sooo much fun too!!!
well since you are so sick I thought I would like a little bath. It turned into a splash time fun! You were just relaxing in the tub and you slapped your arm down, so I laughed and you realized that if keep doing it, mommy would keep laughing. So you covered my entire kitchen, floors, me, you, soaked 5 towels… but we had fun!! I know you will love when this summer hits and you get to go to the pool.
Well its almost 11 pm now and you are sound asleep in bed and daddy and I are relaxing to some tv and food 🙂
love you
xoxo mommy!

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