Photo a Day 2011!! challenge to my readers

So I’m going to have fun with my iphone, my photoshop express app, my instagram app, and my normal everyday life… by snapping a quick photo everyday of a fun subject. 
here is my first two
so as you can see I’m not worried about lighting, area, or layout and design, I’m focused on more having fun with the photos and capturing unusal moments that may be forgotten because of standard camera reasons. Thats why I’m not grabbing out my canon rebel, rather than I’m using a simple camera on my phone. 
all I needed for this project is 
my camera iphone- free 
photoshop express- free
instagram- free
ability to upload to facebook or blog- free
capturing photos and having fun with you- PRICELESS 
-challenge to fellow readers-
step out of your normal ways, and find a way that helps you keep up with your project 52/365!!! 
keep it simple
ex: snap with phone- always have it with you right?
keep it easy
ex: upload instantly to facebook/blog/readers ect.
enjoy and don’t make it a chore
ex: I stay away from camera loading, photoshop editing/ file sorting/ layout requirements!

please stay inspired to capture those 2011 photos!!

One thought on “Photo a Day 2011!! challenge to my readers

  1. This is the reason I bought a tiny Nikon that I can fit in my purse! I don't want to always carry my big D300s, so this little Coolpix is perfect for those simple, spur of the moment times!

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