Real Life layouts!

*To my Readers!*
I’m all about the clean layouts right now. I’m also loving to journal and document the “real life” here and now. So you know this from the concept of this blog. I want to really open up and share a story, a story that I believe is one of the most important stories of my life. (Not saying that there may be another one… equally as important someday.. 😉 ) Now obviously Emma’s Story isn’t going to be a huge story to you, but I hope by all my trials and errors, my hopes and dreams, our ups and downs, our rights and wrongs, that it helps you out in so many other ways. 
I hope that all the extra things I share with you give you inspiration, motivation, knowledge, and happiness!!
Love you my loyal readers ^_^
oh and now some layouts and photos!! again I wanna inspire anyone whose thought of scrapbooking, taking photos, or journaling on a blog! Hey really… blogging isn’t so bad I would read it!
xoxo Susan 😉

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