so just like any other apaloozas!! 
there has to be one for digital scrapbookers right??
I know of one!!
tell them “how you heard about… Suze or Susan Robinson” okay… now continue lol

the class schedule is amazing to say the least
brochure here 
Class List:
Hybrid with Samara 
Advanced Digital Scrapbooking with Cheryl
Into to Art Journaling with Tangie
Organization with Suzy 

Creating a Font with Irene 
Photography with Sarah

Other Events
Art Journal Caravan with Tangie Baxter (space limited)
Photo Walking Tour with Sarah Cornish (space limited)
Kick-off Crop
Kick-off Party
Panel Discussion
Girls Night In or Girls Night Out
The Rubber Stamp & Scrapbook Expo

and we already have some confirmed guests
Jen (jemenifer)
Sheri (scrapshabby)
Lizzy (lizzyfizzy)
Holly (**Holly**)
Sarah (zachandavasmom)
Carolyn (crlin)
Cheryl (gonewiththewind)
Lyndsay (lynzriches)
Tiffany (tiffany scraps)
Sandy (sansan)
Emily (mle Card)
Bethany (mrsburgess)
Liz (scrappingwithliz)
Tanya (tanya.72)
Tanya’s Mom (heehee)
Suzy (suzyqscraps)
Tiffany (Tiff)

Sarah Cornish (myfourhensphotography)

So thats digiscrapapalooza in a nutshell!! 

also I have a super great coupon code for you to use-
team_laura for $20 off 

so that way you can come hang out with me, holly, the rest of the Laura team, and of course the amazing Laura Banasiak!!!

I’ll be back in a few with a way for you to get there! I’ve been plotting ways for everyone to raise the money they need to get to Vegas!

t- minus.

Time until Friday, April 1, 2011 at 4:00:00 PM (Las Vegas time)

64 days
1542 hours
92569 minutes
5554155 seconds

Alternative version

It is 64 days6 hours49 minutes15 seconds,
until Friday, April 1, 2011 at 4:00:00 PM (Las Vegas time)

Current time is

Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 8:10:45 AM PST (local time in Las Vegas)

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