wow really? journal entry 2/14

so wow its been since the 4th since I’ve last updated a post… I’m sure slacking here. The reason is, there is a house full of sick people!! you, mommy, daddy, and uncle Ryan have all been sharing some ridiculous flu! from the sounds of all our friends and family… its been the same with them.
So pretty much the usual has been going on. We’ve been all relaxing trying to re-coup. 
We’ve watched some awesome movies together-
you loved Despicable Me
you also got a new toy from Grandpa that you LOVE… which is an understatement lol
I actually have a picture of you in it and a video…. but I haven’t processed and uploaded them yet. Thats how sick I’ve been.
Oh and some of my recent facebook feeds will just make you laugh!!

then here are a few others to just update on what we’ve been doing…
  • Anyone wanna buy DDR universe 3 for xbox?? Yea i bought it played on time… Finished lol

    February 6 at 11:35am via iPhone ·  · Like · 
      • Alicia Mathis Totally just bought ot last week! If only I would have waited!

        February 6 at 3:13pm · Like
      • Susan Robinson Hey Alicia you still want the extra mat?? I saved it for you when I traded the game in… for 12 bucks *eyeroll* they wouldn’t take the mat. F”ing game was 50!!! lol yeah I guess we bought it at the same time

        February 7 at 8:02pm · Like

so Yeah I picked up Dance Dance Revolution and its ridiculous!! I sucked at it sooo bad 
you jump on a pad like this…
and match it to the screen above. /eyeroll*

I took a super cute sleeping picture of you, everyone just loved it!

  • I love my new cookbook!! So a day of baking 😉 breaks for baby cuddling tho. Biscuits and bread down… Cookies next!! Then i must get back to some blog work lol

    February 9 at 3:08pm via iPhone ·  · Like · 

So Im learning how to cook!! I picked up a new cookbook @ Barnes and noble and I’m trying some nice simple “mom recipes!
and I’m having amazing results already.
Then I’ve done some blog “makeovers” for friends 
Faith True’s remake
Kami’s remake
Then I scrap-booked some-
Then I spent the rest of the time with YOU! We’ve had fun playing, laughing, and running around. Its the most fun I have!! We read books, do tummy time, watch cartoons, play “crazy baby” and “crazy mommy” <– thats where I stand up and shake my entire body.. then I tell you to do crazy baby and you copy me!!
love you much baby

2 thoughts on “wow really? journal entry 2/14

  1. Love your blog Susan! It's so cool that you've set it up as a journal to your daughter 🙂 Great pages and photos too (and love what you did with Faith and Kami's blogs) 🙂

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