Polyvore to finds!!

so whats super great about the creative process online is that you can always find new ways to express yourself… 
Simply put:
with thier site I’m able to share with you some of my “best finds”
click em and check me out ๐Ÿ˜‰


wonderful women and RAK’s

So I’m a strong member of one amazing community of women…
they are digital scrapbookers!
and seriously they are the sweetest, best, and most supportive group of women out there.
If I ever have a problem, wanna randomly discuss things, or just wanna chit chat about whatever, its always the place I go. You end up making some of the closest connections with these women. So I figured I would share where I meet and hang out with people… then I want to share what some of them have done for me…
my 2 main homes are 
and some place I frequent for fun stuff and randomness is
now they are all centered around one of my largest passions…
Digital Scrapbooking

so now that I’ve shared that… I wanna show you some RAK [random acts of kindness] I’ve received from some amazingly talented women…

Product Reviews and tips

how to get that cranky baby to sleep…
we all fight it right??
Does this product really work? YES! I’ve actually was recommended this product through a group of fellow mommies who had similar sleep problems. If you have a “colic” baby, baby with acid reflux, or just a cranky night… the 5’s are the perfect product for you.
Would you recommend it to a friend? YES! I’ve recommended this product to every mommy I know. I’ve gotten positive feedbacks from all mothers. Most of us still use some portion of the 5’s system in our everyday lives. Emma for example still sleeps swaddled, uses a pacifier for sleeping, and loves her white noise.
Worth the price? it is, but you can get it for way less… FREE to be exact. here is what I did;

1. go to the public library
2. search for the book, dvd, and possible the soundtrack.
3. download a white noise app for some type of playing device. You can even find things on youtube as well.

Will you purchase from them again? YES! actually I’m looking to get the toddler version very soon.

they got all YES!! 
click here to go to Dr. Spock’s site and learn even more
hope you loved this review… more to come! 

pintrest my new love

have you heard of Pintrest.com??
its all the new craze I swear…… if you are reading this blog I’m guessing you are a fellow blogger like myself. 
Pintrest is a simple yet fun way to save your favorite blog post and photos with quick link backs and then find others out there just as fun
like I’m able to plan your xxxxfirst birthday-
then when you click it; it takes you to the blog or website where I found it
[ btw its my new favorite site]
I also seen this on their site… 
Daddy mentioned not too long ago that it would be cool to make a “scrapbook” page wall
how awesome would something like this be to do for your room??

Blog Tip! I believe we’ve had this discussion once before…..

I think there may be a post or two about the simple fact….
I need SPELL check!!
I seriously can’t live w/o those little red zigzag lines. 
proof number 2:

Blog TIP:

Always save layered PSD’s until you are ABSOLUTELY sure you’ve made no mistakes!!

yay problem solved this time.

Hope you guys enjoy the new look-

I was inspired by-

Little Miss Momma

be sure to check her out… she rocks ๐Ÿ˜‰

So seriously its been WAY to long!

it may seem as if I’ve forgotten about you little blog here… trust me I haven’t, Its just this last month has taken us for all the time we have.
Pretty much every 24 hours have been spent running, working, playing, sleeping, eating, and everything else you can think of!! 
You’ve also grown so much its simply unreal. I figured I’ll just sum it all up really quick-
You hit 5 months!!
You are rolling back to side *almost back to belly*
You talk and scream ALL the time. Don’t worry I have it on video!
You’ve officially met ALL your family.
You cut your TWO bottom teeth..
and you are teething AGAIN top two it looks like.
You have started eating solids-
sweet peas
sweet potatoes
yayayaya!!! right?? anyway other than all that we’ve been living our everyday lives. You normally do something like this:
5 am- wake up and feeding
sleep for a few more hours
7 am- wake up for the day, daddy gets off work, more eating and playing.
12 pm mommy goes to work and you spend the day with Daddy. You guys play and watch movies, eat, learn, and hangout til Mommy gets home. You pretty much do the same thing if Mommy doesn’t work, but Daddy gets to sleep ๐Ÿ˜‰
9pm its bath, feeding, reading, and bed time. You sleep in your crib still swaddled for the majority of the night. You usually look for Mommy to get you around 3-4 to sleep with me for a little while. 
You are getting so big!! I can’t wait to share some photos with you: