So seriously its been WAY to long!

it may seem as if I’ve forgotten about you little blog here… trust me I haven’t, Its just this last month has taken us for all the time we have.
Pretty much every 24 hours have been spent running, working, playing, sleeping, eating, and everything else you can think of!! 
You’ve also grown so much its simply unreal. I figured I’ll just sum it all up really quick-
You hit 5 months!!
You are rolling back to side *almost back to belly*
You talk and scream ALL the time. Don’t worry I have it on video!
You’ve officially met ALL your family.
You cut your TWO bottom teeth..
and you are teething AGAIN top two it looks like.
You have started eating solids-
sweet peas
sweet potatoes
yayayaya!!! right?? anyway other than all that we’ve been living our everyday lives. You normally do something like this:
5 am- wake up and feeding
sleep for a few more hours
7 am- wake up for the day, daddy gets off work, more eating and playing.
12 pm mommy goes to work and you spend the day with Daddy. You guys play and watch movies, eat, learn, and hangout til Mommy gets home. You pretty much do the same thing if Mommy doesn’t work, but Daddy gets to sleep 😉
9pm its bath, feeding, reading, and bed time. You sleep in your crib still swaddled for the majority of the night. You usually look for Mommy to get you around 3-4 to sleep with me for a little while. 
You are getting so big!! I can’t wait to share some photos with you:

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