the mighty puppet warp!

So as I’m sure when you get older I’ll teach you how to scrapbook… most likely we will both still do digital… so I’ll aways show you new things as I learn them… in the simple fact I love to share with you and all the other ladies that love to stop by and read about you.
So anyway to my point.
by accident I learned the Puppet Warp tool in Photoshop cs5.
by accident? you are wondering how someone could do that right? lol its okay sounds strange but actually is true.
I was playing with the free transform action which you always do in scapbooking because you need to make things “fit” on your page. Well I slipped and hit the button above it… 
the Puppet Warp.
and I got stuck there with this PIN stuck as my pointer and unable to do anything else… I clicked on my element. Well that didn’t do anything but set down this little yellow dot… thought what the heck????
so I started clicking and clicking then pulled my mouse and all of a sudden I started to manipulate the element and change its shape…. looked strange at first, but when my mind started to put things together I realized what it was actually for… and how I could use that wasted action I never used.
and so I learned how to bend a branch element that was straight to then curve around my elements in a cluster… and look absolutely fab mind you!!!
pretty cool huh??
all my other friends out there if there is something cool you use that warp tool for please let us know!

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