Bringing back the past…

So sometimes as a scrapbooker, I stop and look back at some of my past layouts… and then it makes me remember why I do what I do. WHY I am a SCRAPBOOKER.
so I keep things online in “galleries” where I share my pages with other women who have the same loves as I do… Family, friends, life, photography, and of course scrapbooking. 
So from time to time we do “challenges” or “games” that send us back in time so that we can ‘find’ something. I was sent back in my gallery to find a layout I did with some work from an amazing designer named 
and as I was going I seen this layout-
which I knew used her kit… because I had LOVED this kit sooo much!!
** since I have a little problem with dating things… this was made 
· Date: Tue June 23, 2009

another great reason to upload to a gallery. Not to mention the positive feedback and amazing praises you get.

so if you ever wondered… Mommy had thought about you for a very very long time before you were born. and now I can look at these layouts….

and I love you… I love photographing you, I love recording every second I have with you… and I will keep reminding myself to keep doing what I love…


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