project life and december daily catching up!!

So I’m so in love with the Project life inspired by Ali Edwards and based of Becky Higgins. I’m waiting on the new project life kits to come out, but I had to start the week after your birthday to keep up with the album a year I’m attempting… so I found some super cute paper and bought Becky’s journaling cards… and went from there. After the new kit comes out I’ll plan on changing things around a bit, but this is the last 8 weeks.. all jammed into one post
Title Page:
week 1-
so in the beginning I was still working out where I wanted photos and how I wanted to lay them out, I love the fact that I decided not to change anything even tho later on I change the way I lay it out. 

this week was a super special one because I was able to insert something from another family member. I haven’t been able to do it again but I hope to try again. I also added your VERY FIRST DRAWING. This is what I love about this project… everything gets preserved and its all easily kept without the over concern of “Decorating” 

week 3- 
this week was centered around you. Your first coloring page and your 1 year doctor checkup.
unfortunately these things like your weight and height charts got lost… this year they wont because I’ll have a place to put them without worrying later. I can say I’m just so in love with this way of memory keeping. I’m not the only one either, all your family members love this unique way at looking back at your every week.

 week 4-
this was Halloween Week. I was able to catch fun Halloween photos and I kept your Halloween cardboard cover. Also I wrote an awesome story about your first time Trick or Treating. 

week 5-
This week I centered around letting you know about what I do at work. Since this week was the end of my Halloween store and the start of the Toy store I thought it would be a perfect time to do it. This week all photos are centered around us setting up the new store.wa1

 week 6-
This week is a 4 page layout spread. This week was full since it was my birthday week. Showing you some photos from our dinner out, some family photos, a fun thing I did for daddy, and a movie I went to see for girls night. 

 week 7- 
This was another busy week full of stories and photos its another 4 page spread. This week was thanksgiving week. So I spent sometime showing you your family on mommy’s side and your puppy! Next week will be photos from daddy’s side. I’m trying to spend each week with some fun focals just like this week I showed what are favorite things were. Its fun to put some twists and some fantastic stories mixed in with photos. 

week 8 is coming soon!!
Next will be some quick glances at my foundation pages for my December Daily album. I’m combining this right in with the project life. It will be the same just themed with the holidays and will be daily rather than weekly. 
Its laid out directly after week 8 which will be the entire month of December. I started with a holiday paper cut 11×3 and added a ribbon down the side with a number. Next will be a 9 page pocket protector. One pocket is filled with a little decoration. The other 8 will be for wallet size photos or small journaling cards. I’ll add journaling cards on the back of the “bookmark” and add some journaling there too. Next is the Ali Edwards Holiday overlay 8.5X11 page. I added a little holiday sticker and I’m going to use the open space for a 5×7 photo and below I’ll write out a story or tell about the day. I continued it throughout. I didn’t photograph all simply because I haven’t gotten all the decorations in yet. 

*** sorry about the terrible photos… they were taken with my camera phone ***


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