week 14 project life

We had another busy week, and a fun filled week too. Unfortunately I also had a bunch of work to finish up and I broke me finger…. 😉
so here is my week 14. 
first side I told you about work, and a list of everything we did this week.
4 days..
24,000 pounds of fixtures
1,300 pound of empty boxes
600 boxes full of merchandise.
as I did last week I kept with the bold print and thinner print for telling the stories. I think I’m finding my groove by this week. Only thing I’ve still thought about is placing a white border around all my photos. 
 this side I shared my project life station and what my finger looks like.
Here I told you about the “boo” game. Its too funny every time you want to play you turn my head away from you, then you force my face back then when I yell BOO you laugh so hard…
its so much fun. You’ve actually tried to get me to play in the middle of the grocery store. 
I’ve absolutely fell in love with this entire project!! I look so forward to it everyday.

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