A new outlook on life… new motivation and new love for life.

So I’ve spent so many days and so many nights trying to simply understand myself and my life. Yeah it sure takes a lot out of me. Its been recent that I just came to the final decision… I’m tired of coming up with excuses, I’m tired of just being tired. So I’m doing it and I’m writing it here to keep myself accountable to you. When you are old enough to remember mommy she wont be this overweight self conscious girl she’ll be the strong and confident woman that I pray for you to be. I’ve been surrounded by family members either struggling with weight loss or doing what needs to be done to fix it. There is two who are my most inspiring people. Your Uncle Ryan and your Aunt Shannon. Let me see if I can find a before and after photo of your uncle. Well it looks like I don’t have one before, but this one is during the process in 2008…
and this is after in 2011…
your uncle lost over 100 pounds, shoot I want to say 150 even. One day he decided he was going to eat better, exercise, and just loose the weight. He made the decision and followed through with it. Now sadly I’ll show myself when I was young 2004 when daddy and I first met…
then in 2010 after I gave birth to you….
I put on over 100 lbs. since christmas of 2010 I’ve been doing better but to be honest we are coming around 2 years later and I’m maybe only back down to 170. hey 30 lbs IS A BIG DEAL! its just that I know I can do better. This is me now.
you can see a different but not as much as I would like to see. I’m getting older and the pounds wont shed off just eating slightly better or walking a little more. I need to actually step it up!! 
My goal

for the first time actually check and document my weight 
read blogs and motivational information
use spark people 
start the couch2-5k.
I’ve tried the couch25k in thought only and I used sparkpeople.com for like a day…. yep thats it, but I was reading a blog by a woman who lost a ton of weight in a short time and thats exactly how she did it.
So here it goes… DAY 1 😉
always have to start somewhere. I’m going to go buy a scale, find my weight, and do my first run couch25k style, and start my spark people profile. 

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