Meet the Robinson’s

so a little recap on current loves, likes, life, and all around details of the Robinson’s… 
oh and yes I went there 😉 let’s Meet The Robinson’s
oh wait that’s not us… not terribly far off though. 
So lets start off with you of course.
loves Preschool Prep Company videos-

these videos are an amazing way to learn your shapes, numbers, colors, and letters. I would really recommend these to any parent with a toddler.

Mott’s medley fruit snacks-

they are so delicious I even steal them 😉

 is just loving this show- true blood is based on a favorite set of books called the Southern Vampire Diaries or Sookie Stackhouse novels. All in all just a crazy show that I’ve become strangely hooked on. Don’t ask me why…

and i just love like always to keep up with my project life and my smash books, though it wouldn’t seem like it since I’m days and oh wait weeks behind. I swear by the end of October I’ll have documented your entire 2nd year pl style and have completed your entire 1st year Smash Book style. Then I’ll stop and think nice and hard about how I want to document your 3rd year.

and Daddy!!
He’s been hooked on this new game- Portal 2. its a really unique mind and puzzle game. He’s awesome at it and I’m trying, and I’ve really gotten the hang of it.

and he’s always checking out reddit. Its totally the guys version of They post funny articles, pictures, and all around total dude stuff.


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