Everyday Projects- kitchen update plans

So yeah my decorating style is say.. blah. honestly I never really cared much. I was always very minimalistic, no clutter, basic black & white, and if it works… it works for me. Well now all of a sudden I have the powerful urge to really go through and revamp our apartment. To be honest I never really thought much about it until now. I’ve always planned on waiting until we bought our house. That is actually in the works right now. I figured for now I can do little cosmetic things that are natural, easy, diy, cute, colorful, and don’t require a garage, power tools, or major paint. My main focus first is the kitchen. 
plan: 1 month.
theme: natural, wood, minimal, and colorful in calm way.
inspiration: Pinterest. my board Home Remodeling has all kinds of inspiration ( which is actually preparing for our first home, but some I can start now)
preparation: Major cleaning purging, and sorting overhaul.
this is my future kitchen inspiration. I want that clean and simple look. I actually always thought I wanted dark cherry wood, but I’m so pass that and I’m hooked on the white.
SO this sets me up with some simple things and ideas I can still do while we are in the apartment. 
What I need and want:
cookbook holder
tea kettle
holder for wooden utensils
wooden utensils *I still have the boring black ones ;)*

and I want to do this simple roman shade tutorial so we have a new curtain above the sink. If I decide I can’t find a curtain or find one I really like in store I might go that way. btw would LOVE an espresso machine *I see that stuck in the corner… thats decor remodel right??
I want to do this to add a little more color and get the soap and sponges off the sink. in the window seal I really want to bring some greenery I miss that since out my window is brick. 
I’m going to finish it off with a piece of art on the window sill and canvas art about the stove. 

I can’t wait to begin!!

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