Scrapbooking Ideas- Project Life – What is it and Why I do it

Before you were born I use to scrapbook full digital 12×12 layouts. I would fill galleries, but I did it more as a “job” since I created scrapbooking layouts. My focus was to simply sell a product. Once you were born, scrapbooking became more of a passion as a means to document and preserve the memories and the life of my daughter. That’s how this blog came about as well, I wanted a way to get down all the thoughts and stories I wanted to share with you. When I became a mother, that form of scrapbooking no longer worked for me. I believe somewhere I still have a few layouts I tried, but I didn’t love. I tried to create and find new ways. It was after you reached about 6 months I found a new approach- Project Life. Specifically I found Ali Edward’s approach. You’ll find me speaking of this lady often since she’s one of my biggest inspirations. In the last year or so I’ve come across some of the most amazing women. What I want to do is to share my project life with everyone and hopefully inspire a few more to take on project life. 
capture life.

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