toddler chores.. why not right??

they love it so why not right??
what I let Emma do-
swiffer the floor- yeah you’ll for sure have to follow, but she’ll have so much fun with it.
wipe off the table- I sprayed she wiped.. got it clean!
load the dish washer- she did pretty good, looked like her uncle john did it šŸ˜‰
push up a chair to mix stuff- you’ll always have to mix a second time.
put groceries away- be prepared to have everything thrown in there.
pick up toys- until they throw them back on the floor.


4 thoughts on “toddler chores.. why not right??

  1. Love it! My daughter has started helping with the laundry…she hands me clothes to fold then yells at me when I don't do it fast enough, LOL.Your newest follower from the mommy mixer.

  2. My daughter is quite the little helper too, I just need to be very close by when she's wielding the swiffer around lol. I'm following from mommy brain mixer šŸ™‚

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