Dear Emma- unstressed mom loves/ end of the year bucket list:

I’m so happy to be relaxing with you on the couch. You fell asleep watching your ALL time favorite movie Tangled.

You actually love this movie so much you act out bits and pieces of it and run around the house dancing. Tonight you fell asleep watching it. 

You seemed a little grumpy so honestly I’m not that surprised. I thought I would share a little end of the year “bucket” list. I get so many things going I lose track so I have to stop and setup a list-

Finish the Blog (Design) Love course I’m taking over at A Beautiful Mess. It is a fantastic E-Course that’s teaching me about html/java/and blog design. The new blog will reflect it… once I complete it 😉


Finish at least ONE DIY project for the new house. I have a couple in mind… I just hope to complete at least one of them. 


Keep up all of the Project Life pages and December Daily pages before the next year begins. I’m caught up now that’s a start. 


Well that isn’t too bad… just add that into – running a retail business through the holidays, 2 thanksgivings, 2 christmas, 1 black friday, buying our first home, working 50+ hrs a week, daddy working full time, both of us watching you full time………

yep I can make it happen!! Keeping everything simple and exciting!!


much love Mom.


Project Life October!

Look at this!>

pretty exciting right?? I thought so.

now let me show you what I’ve been working on for the month of October.

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Project Life Year 3!!

So I finally caught up and was able to start your 3rd album. I’m finishing it up at the end of the year 2 until I pick up another album.

cover page:


I’m super happy with how this turned out. I’m happy with the decision to go black and white with the kit components and then the photos here I went black and white as well. The rest of the album wont be, but what it did and how daddy worded it too… was it feels like autumn!!

Going black and white/neutral based kit theme has allowed the pictures to stand and make a statement themselves.

here is some up close photos of the cover

I used some fabulous products from Becky HIggins, Paislee Press, Amy Tangerine, and Designs by Lili.