Dear Emma- unstressed mom loves/ end of the year bucket list:

I’m so happy to be relaxing with you on the couch. You fell asleep watching your ALL time favorite movie Tangled.

You actually love this movie so much you act out bits and pieces of it and run around the house dancing. Tonight you fell asleep watching it. 

You seemed a little grumpy so honestly I’m not that surprised. I thought I would share a little end of the year “bucket” list. I get so many things going I lose track so I have to stop and setup a list-

Finish the Blog (Design) Love course I’m taking over at A Beautiful Mess. It is a fantastic E-Course that’s teaching me about html/java/and blog design. The new blog will reflect it… once I complete it 😉


Finish at least ONE DIY project for the new house. I have a couple in mind… I just hope to complete at least one of them. 


Keep up all of the Project Life pages and December Daily pages before the next year begins. I’m caught up now that’s a start. 


Well that isn’t too bad… just add that into – running a retail business through the holidays, 2 thanksgivings, 2 christmas, 1 black friday, buying our first home, working 50+ hrs a week, daddy working full time, both of us watching you full time………

yep I can make it happen!! Keeping everything simple and exciting!!


much love Mom.


Project Life October!

Look at this!>

pretty exciting right?? I thought so.

now let me show you what I’ve been working on for the month of October.

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Project Life Year 3!!

So I finally caught up and was able to start your 3rd album. I’m finishing it up at the end of the year 2 until I pick up another album.

cover page:


I’m super happy with how this turned out. I’m happy with the decision to go black and white with the kit components and then the photos here I went black and white as well. The rest of the album wont be, but what it did and how daddy worded it too… was it feels like autumn!!

Going black and white/neutral based kit theme has allowed the pictures to stand and make a statement themselves.

here is some up close photos of the cover

I used some fabulous products from Becky HIggins, Paislee Press, Amy Tangerine, and Designs by Lili.

Emmas 3 year bucket list- toddler bucket list

So as I’m planning a second birthday and browsing pintrest for all fantastic ideas.. I came across a post that gave ideas fora  toddler bucket list. I came up with a bucket list for you that I want to complete in the next year (hopefully)
dress up
play in the rain
go to a play place
ride a tricycle
ball and bat
glow sticks 
bake cupcakes
bake cookies
decorate cookies
go for a hike
play in the snow
toss leaves
collect rocks
pet an animal
pillow/blanket forts
make artwork with the usual crafty stuff
sidewalk chart art
Holiday Specific:
Elf on the Shelf 
pick out someones gift
give to charity 
Special Trips:
Build a Bear
1st movie
Charity Walk

oh project life how I’ve neglected you…

So I’m so far behind in project life.. like 2 months…
I have a few post it notes for the journaling but I need to print 37 photos, not including daddy’s photos, and I have over 28 snapshots of the album to upload and show everyone. I’m just going to post a few and show how things are going.
this will be super duper photo insane. I’m going to work on weekly posts 😉
You love to help with pl… 3×4 grid cards are perfect for it.

a journal heavy week full of talking points and planning.

I’m still loving the sharpie/smash pen combo! It’s become a regular thing now.

Keeping it simple here! Oh and I’m discovering the stickers that are added in the kit…. AND I LOVE THEM. How it took me 11 months to figure that out idk lol

Love this photo. Great dad/daughter shot. You can so translate this convo but I love the talk bubbles. I tried an American Craft white pen to write on the photos. I love the look its just not as smooth as I would like. I’m going to continue to look around for another white pen or give it a second go.

this is a handwritten recipe from my grandmother. This was a huge find when we went through some of her stuff. She was an amazing cook who ran 3 different restaurants in her time. We thought all were lost when she passed away.

LOVE this photo mash-up!! its the mommy/daughter combo I came across looking through old photos. 

All classic combos full of heavy journaling and photo combos. This was just great everyday life poss

I had fun doing this 8×10 photo/product collage. Love those fun unique page add-ons. 

daddy had a fun guys night catching a concert with uncle john. 

One of my most lived by quotes. 

As always loving Ali’s png word files. I really need to pick some more of these up!

Yeah that just happened.. 1 spread for 7/22-8/25.
This is what happens when you decide to help with project life 😉

This page I’m really wanting to add the video code that you can scan to watch the video on your iphone or android app… I just have to get those photos printed!! 

You and Daddy are working on letters and your name. You guys are having fun making pictures together… this is probably one of my most valued add-in I’ve put in project life.

I’m leaving everything after these little sneak peeks off.. I’m working on getting everything else added in. I’m keeping it simple and letting the kit do the work for me.. that’s what its there for. I’m going to catch up and finish this last month out… and I’ll officially have a complete entire year project life album. Bucket list goal check off!! Also its the longest most dedicated project I’ve ever done. 
Feels Good. 

Making History- Columbia first SEC game…

Our home town is making history… 
We have become the only town in Missouri to make it into the SEC. 

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is an American college athletic conference whose member institutions are located primarily in the southeastern part of the United States.

 The Missouri Tigers took on 7th seated Georgia Bulldogs today. As a family we aren’t big into sports anymore, but we are strong supporters of local teams. 
Columbia was on fire today and the town was united and buzzing. Sadly we dropped the ball in the fourth quarter and ended a sad score of 
No. 7 Georgia 41, Mizzou 20

Hopefully we will recover our spirit and prepare for the rest of the season. We’ve jumped up to the top teams out there!! We will prove ourselves and hold our own. 

toddler chores.. why not right??

they love it so why not right??
what I let Emma do-
swiffer the floor- yeah you’ll for sure have to follow, but she’ll have so much fun with it.
wipe off the table- I sprayed she wiped.. got it clean!
load the dish washer- she did pretty good, looked like her uncle john did it 😉
push up a chair to mix stuff- you’ll always have to mix a second time.
put groceries away- be prepared to have everything thrown in there.
pick up toys- until they throw them back on the floor.

I’m sure in a creative rut :(

ohh my
I’ve just been in such a creative rut, and I might be able to get back on here and share some inspirations… maybe 😉
I thought I would share with you whats been going on the last month and its the reason why I’m so caught up in other life stuff.
I’m down to less than a month before I take over my own store at…. 
SPENCERS!! that’s right I’m the new manager 
and I’ve been just focusing on family life and my career and just relaxing. 
here are the things I’m loving right now-