oh project life how I’ve neglected you…

So I’m so far behind in project life.. like 2 months…
I have a few post it notes for the journaling but I need to print 37 photos, not including daddy’s photos, and I have over 28 snapshots of the album to upload and show everyone. I’m just going to post a few and show how things are going.
this will be super duper photo insane. I’m going to work on weekly posts 😉
You love to help with pl… 3×4 grid cards are perfect for it.

a journal heavy week full of talking points and planning.

I’m still loving the sharpie/smash pen combo! It’s become a regular thing now.

Keeping it simple here! Oh and I’m discovering the stickers that are added in the kit…. AND I LOVE THEM. How it took me 11 months to figure that out idk lol

Love this photo. Great dad/daughter shot. You can so translate this convo but I love the talk bubbles. I tried an American Craft white pen to write on the photos. I love the look its just not as smooth as I would like. I’m going to continue to look around for another white pen or give it a second go.

this is a handwritten recipe from my grandmother. This was a huge find when we went through some of her stuff. She was an amazing cook who ran 3 different restaurants in her time. We thought all were lost when she passed away.

LOVE this photo mash-up!! its the mommy/daughter combo I came across looking through old photos. 

All classic combos full of heavy journaling and photo combos. This was just great everyday life poss

I had fun doing this 8×10 photo/product collage. Love those fun unique page add-ons. 

daddy had a fun guys night catching a concert with uncle john. 

One of my most lived by quotes. 

As always loving Ali’s png word files. I really need to pick some more of these up!

Yeah that just happened.. 1 spread for 7/22-8/25.
This is what happens when you decide to help with project life 😉

This page I’m really wanting to add the video code that you can scan to watch the video on your iphone or android app… I just have to get those photos printed!! 

You and Daddy are working on letters and your name. You guys are having fun making pictures together… this is probably one of my most valued add-in I’ve put in project life.

I’m leaving everything after these little sneak peeks off.. I’m working on getting everything else added in. I’m keeping it simple and letting the kit do the work for me.. that’s what its there for. I’m going to catch up and finish this last month out… and I’ll officially have a complete entire year project life album. Bucket list goal check off!! Also its the longest most dedicated project I’ve ever done. 
Feels Good. 

Making History- Columbia first SEC game…

Our home town is making history… 
We have become the only town in Missouri to make it into the SEC. 

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is an American college athletic conference whose member institutions are located primarily in the southeastern part of the United States.

 The Missouri Tigers took on 7th seated Georgia Bulldogs today. As a family we aren’t big into sports anymore, but we are strong supporters of local teams. 
Columbia was on fire today and the town was united and buzzing. Sadly we dropped the ball in the fourth quarter and ended a sad score of 
No. 7 Georgia 41, Mizzou 20

Hopefully we will recover our spirit and prepare for the rest of the season. We’ve jumped up to the top teams out there!! We will prove ourselves and hold our own. 

toddler chores.. why not right??

they love it so why not right??
what I let Emma do-
swiffer the floor- yeah you’ll for sure have to follow, but she’ll have so much fun with it.
wipe off the table- I sprayed she wiped.. got it clean!
load the dish washer- she did pretty good, looked like her uncle john did it 😉
push up a chair to mix stuff- you’ll always have to mix a second time.
put groceries away- be prepared to have everything thrown in there.
pick up toys- until they throw them back on the floor.

I’m sure in a creative rut :(

ohh my
I’ve just been in such a creative rut, and I might be able to get back on here and share some inspirations… maybe 😉
I thought I would share with you whats been going on the last month and its the reason why I’m so caught up in other life stuff.
I’m down to less than a month before I take over my own store at…. 
SPENCERS!! that’s right I’m the new manager 
and I’ve been just focusing on family life and my career and just relaxing. 
here are the things I’m loving right now-

Those tough decisions

I’m not kidding this is one of the toughest decisions… 
what Project Life edition do I go with for 2013???
but no really it is.
This will be how your entire 3rd year scrapbook will look like, and as always Becky doesn’t make it easy….
She finds the BEST designers out there. So here is the two choices and I’ll need help from our readers to decide which to go with-
Seafoam by Elise Cripe
I’ve been a fan of Elise forever. Let’s say its a big crush okay… secretly I stalk her blog so much it comes up as frequent sites and its bookmarked in my top 10 links. 
I love Seafoam’s simplicity and graphics. I love nothing more than a nice chevron. I’m kinda afraid that it might be too “boyish” for her album. I always like when there is black as part of the kit because I write everything in black. 
next is 
Olive by Heather Bailey 
now I’m new to Heather Bailey, but Becky didn’t slip on the decision to bring her on!! I’m so in love with this color scheme. I feel a true Emma feel to it. Its full of strong graphics and great layout for the journal cards. The only thing that scares me is how “strong” of a kit that it is. I never want the kit to overpower. There isn’t black in the kit either, so I’m not sure about what color I would do all my journaling in… I really don’t like to do colors simply because I want the journaling to stand out! 
hmmmm told you, tough decisions.
So please help!!!

Welcome to week 5 of the Mommy-Brain Mixer, ladies!
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Welcome to…
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Let’s get to it, friends!
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daily life- Instagramed

oh how I love you! its honestly a facebook for photos.. since thats all I really use facebook for, I love it more.

blah that front facing camera phone looks terrible!! I guess I need to do the phone flip 😉 

goodbye July. We Will-August 2012

Well we officially made it through that month. I read where someone said how they embraced the madness…  That is EXACTLY what I did this month. 
Between work, home, life, projects, and oh you know raising a 2 year old I’m learning to “just go with it”
I may be entirely short staffed at work, working 12 hour shifts to cover, trying to keep up with the endless house work, keeping up with the everyday things that go along with a two year old, and giving up all extra mommy time… but I’m embracing it and moving on to the month of August with a clear head and light heart. I’m going to start a We Will post at the beginning of every month. They were inspired by Elise’s I Choose posts. It will be mine and Emma’s take on it. It will be our goals set together for each month.
August 2012-
I love to take stuff and just put a mommy and me twist on it!! 

Scrapbooking Ideas- Project Life – What is it and Why I do it

Before you were born I use to scrapbook full digital 12×12 layouts. I would fill galleries, but I did it more as a “job” since I created scrapbooking layouts. My focus was to simply sell a product. Once you were born, scrapbooking became more of a passion as a means to document and preserve the memories and the life of my daughter. That’s how this blog came about as well, I wanted a way to get down all the thoughts and stories I wanted to share with you. When I became a mother, that form of scrapbooking no longer worked for me. I believe somewhere I still have a few layouts I tried, but I didn’t love. I tried to create and find new ways. It was after you reached about 6 months I found a new approach- Project Life. Specifically I found Ali Edward’s approach. You’ll find me speaking of this lady often since she’s one of my biggest inspirations. In the last year or so I’ve come across some of the most amazing women. What I want to do is to share my project life with everyone and hopefully inspire a few more to take on project life. 
capture life.

Mommy Talks- Refusal to wear a diaper.

So here I’m sitting on the computer looking through all the amazing blogs, blog hops, stats, and all the logistics to make this blog keep going and continue to grow.. blah blah right? 
While I do this you sit and watch your Preschool Prep company videos. Literally the best learning tool for learning Alphas, Numbers, colors, and shapes… but at the same time THE MOST ANNOYING videos for mommy. 
M… M… M… M……… M……..M………… M M M M
yeah that continues until it switches to
N… N.. etc you get the point.
I peek up from my laptop to look at you, like I always do, and you are just sneakily staring at me. You reach one had up and start to pull at your diaper… You KNOW what you are doing but you keep doing it. You then go after the other side. 
yep no more diaper.
I really feel like you are ready to take on this potty training stuff, but at the same time I’m unsure if you are completely ready! 
The only solution I’ve found to have you keep the diaper on so I don’t get poop on the floor is to put you in overalls!! ha you haven’t managed to learn how to remove those yet. 
I’m just going to continue to watch for the potty training signs, keep talking about it, and continue to see if you are ready. 

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Photo Finds- mommy/daughter matchups

I seen this photo of you and thought hmmm I remember a photo of me as a baby making the same face.. well I went searching through old family photos and I found the one I was looking for, but OMG I never really thought of how much you and I look alike. Everyone says you look like daddy, but for sure as a baby you look like mommy!
I love awesome photo finds 😉